Susie and IainOver the last few years we’ve noticed a growing popularity in winter weddings and it’s no surprise that they are being favoured by many couples.

Here’s some of our winter wedding ‘pros’

• Money-saving
This is a biggie, many venues will charge considerably less if you’re getting married outside of their ‘peak season’ and you’ll also have more flexibility over dates.
Other money-saving areas include being able to swap champagne for mulled wine and more leverage when negotiating with suppliers who will also be experiencing a bit of a quiet period.

• Standing out
The chances are many of your guests have a pretty full calendar during the summer months with weddings and holidays so your winter wedding will not only ensure you’re more likely to get all your loved ones in one place, your big day will be a highlight of an otherwise dull season and an opportunity to buy a great dress!

• The Dress
Talking of dresses, there are some simply sunning winter wedding dresses that would be far too hot to wear in summer but will be just perfect during the colder season.

• The Honeymoon
There’s nothing better than jetting off somewhere warm when the UK is in the grip of winter, the chances are you’ll get a cheaper deal too outside of the summer peak season.

• The Photographs and Wedding Video
Having filmed and photographed hundreds of weddings there is a certain magic that features in weddings captured during winter. The sun is often brighter and the landscape can look like a fairytale. For those couples who’ve been lucky enough to have a snowy day the photographs are simply stunning.

Of course, there are some winter wedding cons and it’s worth considering that there is a slightly increased chance of rain during winter (although it’s a lottery any time of year) and the evenings are darker but by that time everyone is inside partying anyway!

Whether you’re considering a wedding in winter or summer, get in touch to talk to us about your wedding video and photography.