Who doesn’t love a wedding?  They are such wonderful occasions filled with love, happiness and fun.

With Hollywood’s obsession with love it’s perhaps no surprise that the odd wedding scene pops up in A LOT of films, sometimes at unexpected moments.

Here’s my pick of some left field wedding scenes that are a little different from the norm.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes in Romeo and Juliet

We all know the story, but the wedding scene in the Baz Luhrmann adaptation of this classic is just so beautiful it’s hard not to shed a tear at the sheer joy of the moment and the impending doom you know is just around the corner.

The music and acting is superb.

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Kiera Knightly, Love Actually

What starts off as an ordinary (if particularly star-studded) wedding ends up in one of the greatest wedding scene moments of all time when Peter’s best man has a surprise in store for the happy couple.  Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, has set up a live performance of the Beatles ‘All You Need is Love’ with musicians dotted around the venue.  Simply beautiful.

Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the final installment of the LOTR trilogy, Aragorn finally gets the girl and this wedding scene is a masterclass in special effects and prosthetic ears.  The costumes are amazing and Arwen and Aragorn make a lovely couple but you probably won’t be seeing them in Sainsbury’s down the veg aisle.  An enormous guest list and sweeping cinematography finishes off this epic scene.


Finally, special mention goes to the film 3 Men and a Little Lady, the wedding scene in which Ted Danson reveals himself to be the vicar and Tom Selleck arrives on a motorbike covered in mud.  Classic early 90s comedy at its best!  I couldn’t find a decent clip to link to so you’ll just have to watch the whole film again.  Oh well!