Wedding Video CaseCouples ask me for help in choosing wedding video songs almost every week of the year and some get really stuck so I thought I would put a few ideas down here.

Firstly it may be obvious but choosing songs for your wedding video is a very personal thing. It’s best to choose songs that mean something to you. The genre you choose will help shape the film into something that shows off your personality. I’ve been given everything from 50’s rock and roll to banging house music! It’s the music and how you are on the day that will determine how the film turns out. A more mature couple that use classical music will obviously receive a different edit to a young couple that use current chart music.

Wedding video songs need to be personal to you but they can also be used to give the film a date. It’s worth considering a track from the year you are getting married so when you watch it back you will be instantly taken to the year you were married. Another tip is if you chose a love song, which I’m sure you will, listen to the lyrics very carefully as most are actually about the end of a relationship. I also suggest you chose some wedding songs that are slower and more reflective for the beginning of the film and something more lively for later on. At Wedding Video Solutions we also ask for a copy of your first dance so we can mix it with the live audio so it all sounds fantastic.

You may also have live musicians booked for your big day or perhaps a friend singing during the service. We can record these special moments and use them as additional tracks. This really personalises the film and makes a great addition to the pre-recorded stuff.

I’m going to stop short of recommending actual tracks here as it is such a personal thing, but you can get a really good idea of what works by looking at the portfolio pageĀ here.

Having had over 10 years experience of producing wedding videos that our clients absolutely love, you can trust us to help you chose the best wedding video songs. We will balance this with high quality recordings of all the live audio of the day such as your vows, speeches people talking and laughing.