Wedding Video ProductionThese days wedding video production has upped the ante, capturing hearts and minds of the viewer and making cherished movie moments last. As a result, the wedding video production industry is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly successful. If it were not for the progression of technology, the quality of the production would be shaky to say the least! However ancient the technology, wedding video production has always been magical and if not for the older versions of wedding videos, there would not have been the slick cinematic productions that are seen today.

Wedding video production uses the brief from the wedding couple on style and the story they want told around their wedding day, the types of shots will be thought about and possibly special locations found or recommended. Scripting (if any) is discussed, as some couples may want to put on a special dance or speak a monologue so any unusual factors need to be incorporated and filmed. The wedding video production team will walkthrough the requirements of the wedding day video and liaise with the wedding couple and any other key characters that will feature in the video. Wedding video production needs to take into account the shooting conditions such as time of year and the weather predictions for the day so they can ensure they have their sound and lighting calibrated correctly for the conditions to show off the characters in the film to best advantage.

The usual wedding video production involves one or two camera operators with professional video cameras or a videographer with a sound person. Styles of shooting include using a tripod and hand held which produces a livelier and looser camera shot with a Steadycam for smooth movements.

The wedding video production professionals can evaluate which medium works best for an individual client. This is of great importance since a properly structured video can make all the difference to the way a movie is portrayed. Wedding video production companies will offer their clients various options such as short video to share on social media and websites, DVD or BluRay, HD (high definition).

The relationship between wedding video production teams and their bridal clients has come a long way from the videographer dictating and directing every frame of a wedding video, which resulted in some very stiff posing, and often cheesy videos. With the technology on hand now and the techniques available to the production team, a wedding film is very nearly a cinematic or photo journalistic production with endless creativity, clever camera techniques and a flow that evolves organically and unobtrusively throughout the wedding ceremony.

The real life pictures from a wedding video production give clients the opportunity to tell an engaging, intimate, and romantic story to bring joy to friends and relatives. Long-term memories are captured in a charming and professional manner with the postproduction phase of the wedding video production adding music, titles and seamlessly editing the footage to present the story in a fascinating way.