wedding video hireWedding video hire is an integral part of a wedding these days. A still photographer is still very much pat of the wedding day to capture the formal and candid moments that can be turned into framed photographs that tell of a single moment. A wedding video on the other hand tells the story of your day and captures all of the important moments, serious, happy sad, tears, laughter and joy. It provides a soundtrack to your day too bringing the day back to life time and again. Budgets are always of concern especially in these economically uncertain times but there are some very solid reasons why wedding video hire is something you will be glad of once the excitement of the wedding day and honeymoon is over.

Wedding video hire will ensure the special moments throughout the wedding day that you can remember and will want to relive after the day like that first married kiss, walking down the aisle, the smiles of the guests will be recorded forever. These magical moments you remember can be viewed any time in the comfort of your own home, shared with friends and relatives, sent to people who could not attend the day all in stunning high definition.

There are of course all the things that you cannot remember about the day. A wedding day is so busy and with so much going on, a lot is missed and in an instant, all the things you painstakingly spent time and effort over are gone. A wedding video hire will make sure all of your efforts are captured in dazzling technicolour and vivid detail. The subtle things you will delight over when they turn up on screen will delight you. The hand picked flowers you decorated the church or ceremony room with, the expressions of your family, bridesmaids and friends, the tiny details like the joke number plate your friends have put on the wedding car or the beauty and magnificence of the horses pulling your wedding carriage. These are the things you will be surprised and delighted over repeatedly

Wedding photography is spectacular no doubt about that but it is visual only. Wedding video hire provides the soundtrack to your day as well. The professional audio equipment our wedding videographers use means microphones can be conveniently placed even on the bridal couple so the vows can be heard intimately. Most of all are the sound bites from friends and family that you will treasure. Some will be formal interview style and others off the cuff remarks. The wedding entertainment of course and your special musical soundtrack to your romance will be there enhancing the special moments of the day. Your videographer can add special music soundtracks during the editing process too.

By using wedding video hire, you can share your memories today, and tomorrow. So many people that will want to view your video did not attend the wedding. Perhaps you had an intimate ceremony with just family but still want to share the day with friends. There may be relatives not well enough to travel or relatives and friends abroad who still want to feel part of your wedding. Your special day can be shared worldwide and within moments, your videographer can upload a short video clip to social media or a website for absent friends and relatives to see.

Wedding video hire gives you the opportunity to make not only a special keepsake of your wedding day but to make an historical document of your own family history. Imagine your children giggling and watching your wedding day and seeing their relatives. It is a wonderful memory and a snapshot of a major event in your family history.

We would be delighted to discuss your special requirements for you historical moment so please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your call.