9 tips for beautiful brides by Wedding Video SolutionsThere are a few secrets that actors and models know about to make them look good in photographs and on camera.

Your wedding video is not being shot on a sound stage in Hollywood nor are we taking hundreds of takes for that one perfect scene because we are filming a real life event in a natural way.

However, we have written this article of 9 top tips for those of you who are interested in some of these trade secrets and who may want to try a few out in advance of the wedding so they are natural in using them in front of the camera.

  1. Twist your shoulders at a 45-degree angle to the video camera. It is amazing how much thinner you can appear. This is a leading secret of the magazine models.
    Adjust your weight to be more on your rear foot and then point your front foot toward the camera. Even if your wedding videographer cannot see your feet, it will make you look thinner and more elegant.
  2. Do not always look directly at the video lens; it lets you relax in front of the camera. This was the trick of Kate Moss and Princess Diana. Look just slightly above the lens.
  3. Relax your hands, and bend your fingers a small amount. If you bring your hands together, lay one lightly on top of the other, fingers slightly apart.
  4. Learn to 3/4 smile, on your wedding video, smiling too big makes your eyes look smaller and thinner. A 3/4 smile gives you a beautiful expression.
  5. Relax your forehead and avoid wrinkling it up. Try not to raise your eyebrows too much as your eyes show emotion, so let them do the talking.
  6. Find two or three smiles that you prefer and practice in front of a mirror before your wedding day. Vary your smiles and you will appear more natural in your wedding video, rather than looking the same in every shot.
  7. Try not to move your elbows in toward your waist; it can make you appear wider than you are on your photos and videos. Let a small gap show between your elbows and your body. This can make you seem smaller than you are around your waist.
  8. If you are sitting down, lean forward a little toward your wedding videographer, it can make your tummy seem less prominent. This trick can also make you look attentive and involved in the shot.
  9. When in front of the camera on your wedding day, relax your shoulders. This will make your neck look more elegant and longer, if you raise your shoulders, you can look tense and uncomfortable.

Every bride looks a million dollars on her wedding day, and with these tips, you will be relaxed, elegant, and above all beautiful, and this will show on your wedding video.