Wedding Photos by Wedding Video SolutionsJust a little note about what equipment we use at Wedding Solutions. When we are out on a shoot we will always take two cameras with us. The second back up camera will still be shooting at 1080p but the real exciting stuff is the main shoulder mounted camera.

Chosen with wedding videos in mind and with no expense spared, the JVC is a joy to use. Detachable lens, variable frame rates, 35mbps and broadcast quality in design, it comes very highly regarded.

The wedding videographers that work for Wedding Solutions have used pretty much every camera out there. Whether its Betacam for premiership football, HDV for promotional work, DVCam for news gathering or even DSLR’s. I guess I’m saying we know what we are talking about!

Obviously we use good grip and lighting but the next most important bit of kit for shooting wedding videos are the microphones. It’s essential to get great quality audio every time that’s why we use some very clever wireless sets from sennheiser and camera mounted ones rode. Once we are done gathering the footage of the big day we take it back to our dedicated editing suite and edit using BBC standard Premiere Pro. This is where the magic happens! All this specially designed equipment along with years of experience mean we are the ones to trust with your wedding video.