You can be sure that on your wedding day you’re likely to be caught on camera more than any other day in your life (unless of course you’re a celebrity used to being papped by the paparazzi, Hi Kate!).
That means that all the wonderful moments you share with your new beau, friends and family are all captured to enjoy again and again.

On very rare occasions those memorable moments can take an unexpected turn as a couple in the US discovered when their wedding photographs went horribly wrong as the jetty they were stood on collapsed into a lake.

Take a look at the unusual wedding video below to see the whole bridal party, in all their finery, topple into the lake and then have to trudge out, probably cursing their photographer who encouraged the 21-strong group to gather on the rickety jetty.

I’m sure the bride and groom will have a good laugh in the future looking back at their wedding video and seeing a few of the bridesmaids make a successful dash for dry land whilst the rest get very very wet. I’m sure the wedding photographs from that moment will also be an unlikely treasured memory.

So what’s the moral of this story? Your wedding is such a wonderfully huge and momentous occasion with all your loved ones there really is nothing that can dampen (excuse the pun) the memories of your day. Just make sure you’ve got a wedding videographer and photographer to hand to record the action. Oh, and maybe avoid group shots over water!

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