After a successful wedding proposalAt one time, a wedding proposal was a personal affair where the bridegroom to be proffered a nice diamond or sapphire in a velvet box, dropped to one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” The location was usually romantic and the proposal took place on a beach or over a romantic meal. These days however, future grooms seem to be increasingly creative often to the mortification, terror, or embarrassment of their girlfriends. Equally, the extravagant proposal can be tasteful and romantic. There are even reality television programmes based around proposals and surprise weddings.

Here we take a look at some of the more bizarre proposals, which are memorable for the wrong reasons.

Take the Chicago pilot who uniquely proposed when he popped the question to his girlfriend after convincing her mid-flight that the private plane he was flying was malfunctioning. In a video from the cockpit posted on YouTube, Ryan Thompson asks his girlfriend, Carlie Kennedy, to read a specially made emergency checklist that ends with a wedding proposal. She excitedly accepts the ring from him after initially thinking the plane could possibly crash. The happy bride to be said she really did think they were crashing as her boyfriend headed the plane towards the water below and as she was reading through the emergency procedure checklist thought her life was in jeopardy. However, at the very end of the checklist was written the marriage proposal.

The groom to be thought his proposal stunt was a great idea; he admitted that his plan to scare Kennedy before reeling her back in with an engagement ring was not universally liked by friends and family when he planned it.

What about one Russian man’s marriage proposal Alexey Bykov hired a director, stuntmen, make up artists and a scriptwriter to help him fake his own death in a car accident before proposing to his girlfriend, Irena Kolokov.

Bykov asked Kolokov to meet him at a designated spot, but when she arrived, she saw Bykov on the ground, covered in blood and seemingly killed in a car crash. Kolokov immediately burst into tears when she saw him lying “dead,” as an actor-paramedic told her, among the mangled cars.

However, Bykov jumped back to life before her eyes and proposed to her on the spot.

Bykov’s reasoning was that he wanted his girlfriend to realise how empty her life would be without him and how life would have no meaning without him!

Personally, we are not sure this type of proposal would be for us, but bizarre and unusual wedding proposals seem to be part of the process these days. While these proposals featured in our article are extreme, we have heard of some very different types of proposals ourselves from our wonderful clients.

At the end of the day, whatever, type of wedding proposal suits you, not only can we at Wedding Video Solutions film it for you if you wish, but certainly we will be happy to provide our services to all bridal coupes with our affordable £995.00 wedding video package. Now that’s a good wedding proposal!