Looking for inspiration for your wedding video?

You might want to steer clear of some of the drama featured here!

10. Beyoncé – Best Thing I Never Had

A gorgeous Queen Bey shows how it’s done in couture and, with all the rumours circulating about the Mr and Mrs Carter marriage at the moment Jay Z could probably do with watching this to remind him of the best thing he’s ever had.

9. Human League – Love Action 
A classic 80s track with a great wedding video attached to it.


8. Pink – I Don’t Believe You

Here’s a lady you would not want to mess with.  Apparently sporting the same wedding dress she wore for her actual wedding to Carey Hart the roller coaster relationship is art imitating life in this wedding themed video for her 2009 hit.

7. Nick Lowe – Cruel to Be Kind 

One from the archives here, this was one of the first videos to air on MTV and was another art-imitating-life example of Nick’s 1979 wedding to Carlene Carter which sadly ended in 1990.

6. Mariah Carey – We Belong Together

It seems celebs are keen to recreate their own weddings in their music videos, often featuring the same dress worn like Mariah here (and Pink, our no. 7) or even recreating it in a fun fashion such as Nick Lowe.  Mariah’s comeback song was a huge hit, the wedding to Tommy Mottola, not so much, with the couple divorcing in 1998, even before this song was release.

5. Paula Abdul – Will You Marry Me?
Paula had some huge hits including Rush, Straight Up, Opposites Attract and this wedding-themed song, released in the same year as her marriage to Young Guns star Emilio Estevez.

4. The Darkness – Is It Just Me? 
Ever the exhibitionist, frontman Justin Hawkins dons the drag for this wedding video from the Brit hit makers.

3. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

Katy’s featured in our Best Music Wedding Videos articles before and this is a classic case of what not to do in your wedding video.

2. Madonna – Like a Virgin
This iconic video from the 80s gave the public a taste of what was to come with Madonna cavorting around Venice creating controversy.  It wasn’t long before Like a Prayer followed suit and really caused a storm for the church.

1. Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

Once again, our top spot for the best wedding-in-a-music-video ever is this absolute classic from Guns n’Roses.  In fact, this video regularly features in the top 10 of ‘best videos of all time’ lists.  It’s over 8 minutes long and runs like a film rather than a music video.  Featuring Axl Rose’s then girlfriend Stephanie Seymour it’s a treat to watch.