Priceless wedding memories, keep them forever with a wedding video

We’ve talked before about the importance of recording some of the one-off things that happen during a wedding. It really is a day full of first, last and only times that people do things and our couples are always so pleased that they chose to record these memories forever with a wedding video.

Your wedding video will capture your first dance, your first (married!) kiss, little ones in the family as they are now and the older generation getting down on the dance floor, something I’m sure they said they wouldn’t do!

With that in mind I wanted to share a little clip I discovered of Tom Hanks (yes, Tom Hanks) dancing that Justin Beiber (yes, Justin Beiber) filmed at a wedding that took place just last weekend. You can be sure that a Wedding Video Solutions wedding video will have a much more professional finish than Justin’s efforts but we can’t guarantee the dancing will be better than Tom’s!