wedding blooper: dog eating cake!We thought we would tell you about the lighter side of some of our wedding videos – the parts that usually hit the cutting room floor!! Of course, it is up to the bride and groom what footage they want included, but suffice to say we often stop the cameras rolling if the situations we come across are not for public viewing. You could call this our collection of bloopers but we would never be as dishonourable as to kiss and tell!

Fortunately, in our many years of observing and filming weddings nothing too disastrous has occurred but there are some things that occur with regularity and others that the bride and groom can see the funny side of later on. Wedding videographers have to cope with the unexpected as a matter of course and often such things as a dog lifting his leg against the church kissing gate, or a flower girl picking her nose mean a retake is required!

We have seen a wedding cake topple off a table as some over enthusiastic child wedding guests have been playing hide and seek under the table. The cake was salvaged and almost looked presentable again, thanks to the swift work of the banquet organiser and reception chef but as to the children, we suspect they were subject to some choice words from their parents.

Flower girls and little bridesmaids can be prone to tantrums and will not co-operate with the cameras. In the case of one little tom boy bridesmaid who had broken her arm, the plaster cast was taken off two days before the wedding and the day before the wedding she broke her arm again and appeared at the wedding in a hastily altered bridesmaid dress to fit the plaster cast!

The dancing uncle who is under the influence of several pre wedding set me ups and reception champagne with a few chasers is a loose cannon who well, usually cannons into everything including aunts, tables, chairs, wedding videographers and nothing will stop him as he boogies his way around the reception completely sloshed! Usually, this type of guest is disowned by his spouse and all other relatives and is gently directed from the dance floor back to the bar to take his chances!

We have seen exploding glass bowls where someone’s idea of creativity did not account for the expected consequences of alcohol and naked flames together and put floating candles on the in the punch bowl. Fortunately, no harm was done apart from a few flying lemon slices and an impromptu pyrotechnic display.

These are just a few of the wedding bloopers that we have seen on our travels that our couples would prefer not to see on film although some enjoy some of the lighter moments as part of the total experience!