It’s a wonderful moment when a bride sees her wedding video for the first time and I’m told by many of the couples I work with how much they enjoy looking back on their video months and years down the line.

With this in mind I can’t imagine how Sallie Birtwisle felt after viewing her wedding video from Wolverhampton 50 years later after is was found by archivists who were recovering old footage from boxes which had been gathering dust for more than 20 years.

Listening to Sallie talk about her husband is so touching and the memories of all those featured in the film must be an overwhelming experience.

One of the reasons we encourage people to consider a wedding video is so they can relive the magic of their day for years to come, show children and grandchildren and remember those gone but not forgotten, well into the future.  There really is no substitute for a wedding video and whilst you might not find time to watch yours every week, try not to leave yours for 50 years.

Read the BBC article about Sallie’s wedding video in Wolverhampton here