A Planned Wedding Dance Video RoutineHave you decided not to have a wedding video?
…OK, so what made you make that decision?

…You’re still going to have a photographer? …So having video as well would just be over indulgent? …And your brother has a handheld videocamera anyway?

…The budget simply doesn’t stretch that far? …Previous videos you’ve seen just aren’t up to the mark? …It’ll be intrusive having cameras, lights and wires everywhere? …Your guests won’t want it?

It’s true that most couples don’t get a video recording, but all who do say that the are so glad they did.

A professional videographer will produce a TV special/feature film style document of your day rather than your traditional home movie recording. Contemporary videographers understand how to get it right in capturing the very best of your special day and not producing anything cheesy or embarrassing.

They will be unobtrusive, whilst capture all the necessary details. Still photographs are great, but a flowing record of the whole experience, capturing the pure entertainment of all the voices, music, laughter, atmosphere, movement and pace of the wedding day cannot be beaten!

It’s a massive day. A huge amount of effort, stress and money will be put in to make it as best an experience as possible. To only have memories to show for it, the dress hidden away in a cupboard and a dusty photograph album, when you could have had the opportunity replay the moments over and over on DVD, may well become your biggest regret.

Just imagine snuggling up on the sofa together to re-live the moments. Just imagine reminiscing with your friends as you watch the highlights chapter when they come to visit. Just imagine looking on at your family pointing out all those little moments you didn’t get the chance to properly absorb. Just imagine watching yourselves read your vows again, you can hardly remember it happening like that, it all passed within an instant. Just imagine sending the video highlights package as a web video to all those guests all over the world who couldn’t attend. Just imagine watching it back years down the line: How cute the children were; Some of the fashions that rocked up and seemed so in vogue; Being able to show the children what some of the older relatives looked and sounded like.

How else can you ensure the memories of the sound of those church bells, the colour of those fireworks, the pristine beauty of that choir are kept forever?

If your expectation of a wedding video doesn’t fit this description, then you’ve definitely not seen a Wedding Video Solutions video.

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