2A lot has to be done when it comes to planning a wedding and to capture all those necessary moments that will cherish the memories of this auspicious occasion you need to have them taped on video. Everything from theme of the wedding to planning menu of the wedding dinner is of utmost important and every fair step is taken to make the day more memorable and presentable. When you have taken immense pains to finalise every delicate thing in your wedding then you have to be more cautious when you hire a wedding videographer because it is their job to record all these efforts and convert them in to a nice and beautiful narrative of your wedding day.

When we speak of wedding videography, although it is similar to shooting an event with your camcorder or handy cam, professional videographers do it with different instruments and editing software to make them more appealing and to a much higher standard which can be cherished for a lifetime. This is the main memory which will remain close to heart of married couples when they will be thinking of those good old days. A wedding videographer should be creative, knowledgeable, polite and have his or her own style:

Creative because he/she needs to understand the theme of the wedding and which parts to cover. The videographer should be able to capture all those moments, emotions and drama that are not witnessed by the marrying couple on the day.

Knowledgeable because they need to understand different technical aspects such as panning and zooming, and should be well versed with the 30° and 180° camera angles and zooming. The should understand the necessity of using zoom and be able to avoid using it on unnecessary occasions. They should be well aware of the different gadgets and gizmos related to the profession and should make effective use of them when recording any video. They should understand the use and effect of different editing software and should be able to apply them effectively before handing over the end product.

Polite because being the director of this film, they need to work well in communicating with people gathered for wedding about their positions, and gestures when shooting. Not to mention you want to feel comfortable with the videographer that you have chosen. The better you get on, the more confident you will be in their ability.

In terms of style, the wedding videographer has to manage different angles and backgrounds starting from bridal preparations to conclusion of wedding, to the final ceremony and cutting of the wedding cake. They have to advise and order newlyweds about their movements and gestures, which should seem natural when capturing the wedding ceremony. All of this will be adapted to the style of the wedding videographer whilst in-keeping with the natural flow of the day’s events.