Dragons' Den Wedding VideographyWedding videography on Dragon’s Den. Well I never. Did you see it? Last week, episode 9 of the current series. They were the only ones of the episode to secure investment (though of course that’s just down to the editing of the program and which pitches the program editors decide to group together for each episode, as all pitches are shot at the same time).

So the idea was a shoot-it-yourself wedding videography service and the company was a partnership between two girls, who incidentally seemed lovely, actually called ‘Shoot it Yourself’.

However, I have to say, I’m against it for many reasons:

Quality is the main issue:
Is this a better solution than getting your uncle to record your wedding day with his Handycam?
Sure, well … maybe!
…Can one learn how to use a camera properly in such a short amount of time?
Will editing hide the fact that it was shot by an amateur?
Will you be hired professional quality equipment?

The bottom line really is that you get an amateur video shot on a tiny consumer camera (they are not broadcast quality unlike what the site says) by someone who has no training and has never used that camera before. Not to mention that that person should be enjoying the wedding day as a guest!

For only £110 more you can have a TV trained professional with 10 years experience of weddings, who you will barley know is there, with all of the kit (including essential radio mics that don’t come with DIY packages). …Sorry, not any old TV-trained professional with 10 years wedding videography experience, I’m talking about a Wedding Video Solutions videographer!

I also know where to be and when. This is a biggie so that you don’t miss the shot, and is something you can only trust a trained professional with years of experience to get right.

So, for a very similar cost to hiring one of the best wedding videographers around, with ‘Shoot-it-Yourself’ you get very little input in terms of work, sub standard equipment hired to you, and you only receive a 15-20 minute wedding video at the end of it.

With Wedding Video Solutions you receive a 20 minute version AND and full length one-hour long edit.

Sounds like a no brainer really doesn’t it? Well it is.
Lovely girls, sure.
Got investment, great.
Will it work? As a business, yes, as a customer satisfaction service, no.

-As a business there may be enough people who use it to make them money, but this is an industry and service that really is about the quality of product and satisfaction for the wedding couple, family and friends. The bride and groom get a video for life. One which I’m sure the majority will regret in years down the line if they choose the amateur shooting option. People will end up saying ‘why didn’t we spend £100 more to have a well shot record of the greatest day of our lives?