wedding cakeOne of the loveliest times of any wedding ceremony is when a bride and a groom cut and present the wedding cake, denoting the commitment of a happy married life together.

Obviously this is one of the moments that the newlyweds insist on including in their wedding video.

The decoration of the wedding cake is crucial. It not only helps the purpose of making the cake appear stunning, but should also enhance the wedding themes and colours.

Given below are a few of the well-liked wedding cake decorating ideas that you can use.

The Icing on the Cake
Wedding cake designs are works of art, which are stuffed with intricate patterns and constructed from several cake coatings. From the scrupulous sugar roses to the fondant ribbons and swags, these wedding cake decorations are crucial for the beauty of your cake.

Butter Cream Decorations

The traditional wedding cake themes are made from butter cream which brings a soft and frothy glimpse to your cakes. Even though it is noticeably less expensive and simple to use, it is not perfect for an outdoor celebration as it can quickly melt in warm weather!

Chocolate Ganache Decorations
Made from a blend of heavy cream and chocolates, it is the best wedding cake decoration choice for chocoholic wedding couples! It adds a modern and luxurious look to the cakes and is ideal for autumn and winter weddings, because of its propensity to melt.

Marzipan Decorations
Marzipan is one more popular method of cake decorations, as it could be formed into sensible shapes and be helpful to embellish the wedding cake using fruit or flower patterns like pears, apples, berries, oranges, small roses and tulips. Made of sugar and ground walnuts, it has a particular smooth and sugary almond flavour.

Wedding Cake Extras…

Wedding Cake Toppers
There are many special wedding cake toppers from humourous to advanced, and ordinary to outrageous. You can select a trendy runaway bride figurine which exhibits the groom positioned on the rear of the brides costume as she endeavours to get away!

Wedding Cake Roses
From daisies to tulips, dahlias to hydrangeas, and every little thing in-between, wedding cake roses can create an elegant or a casual sensation. Brides can opt for fresh roses that complement their bouquets or select edible roses that can be utilized, and crystallized, to beautify a wedding cake.

Additional Accessories
Also, there are several non-edible decorations which include things like crystal-laden covers made in the pattern of the couple’s initials, silk flower bouquets and handcrafted beads. You can also think about having a bowl of sailing candles on both sides of the cake.

Whichever wedding cake decorating ideas that you select and however you may choose to beautify your wedding cake, don’t forget to use your own creativity to design your wedding cake and satisfy your preference as a couple.