wedding de-stressThe more you plan, the more you realise the truth of the matter. Your big day is made up of thousands of tiny details.

Every little thing seems somehow to be top priority. In fact, it is top priority. You find yourself thinking, if just one day out of your entire life could be absolutely perfect, let this be the one. There can be no flaws, no glitches, no minor disasters. Your new life together must begin at a rare moment of exact harmony and pristine refection…

-If this line of thinking sounds familiar, the first step to de-stressing your wedding is to realise there is no such thing as perfect.

Surely, no one would discourage you from your diligence and painstaking attention to dental. Likewise, you won’t hear any arguments about the importance of the day. However, you need to accept the fact, and brace yourself, there will probably be some glitch, some flaw. Should you try to avoid it? Yes. Should you panic when it happens? No.

Taking a realistic approach to your expectations can prevent disappointment on last day you should experience such an emotion. After all, if you wed the love of your life amidst family and friends, under romantic skies, dressed in grand attire, surrounded by elegantly extravagant décor – would a marzipan failure on the cake really be enough to ruin it? Don’t set yourself up for a fall. Aspire to perfection, and expect reality – then you will be delighted with the unreal, fairy-tale quality of your almost perfect day.

Once you have your head and expectations grounded in practicality (as best as you can manage) here are a few tips for what else you can do to take the stress out of nuptials.

Plan ahead. Typically, couples set a wedding date months in advance. Although you may be quite impatient, there are reasons aside from tradition for following this practice. Unless you have planned a wedding before, you do not know how many details are involved. The more you plan, the more you need to plan. Additionally, this will give you time to secure the availability of the finest entertainers, videographers, caters and florists. It also allows distant relatives time for travel plans.

Choose your videographer carefully. You will want to relive this magical moment for the rest of your life. You want it to be captured on film, with the quality of a theater movie, with those little mishaps cleverly avoided. You don’t want to lose a single heartfelt and humorous moment to photographer inattention, or poor quality. Your premier source for exquisite wedding videography is Wedding Video Solutions. You can count on us to preserve your special day in a masterpiece exceeding your expectations.

Don’t hire anyone without references. From the minister to the janitor, make sure any professional you choose has an outstanding reputation.

Plan an indoor alternative. If your wedding is planned to be open air, watch out for the slightest threat of in climate weather. Have an alternative solution ready.

Keep emergency supplies on hand. If things go wrong, you need to be prepared. First aid supplies, a sewing kit, and change of clothing for any small children taking part in the ceremony are essential.

Finally, always focus on the reason you are doing this in the first place. The best, or worst, wedding day is still only one day in the entirety of your new life you are embarking upon. No matter the details of the day, remember to treasure the lifetime.