A Bride Recording Own Wedding Video
As professional videographers, we at Wedding Video Solutions are asked from time to time to fix do-it-yourself wedding video disasters.

Couples do have to watch their budgets these days and try to trim costs wherever they can now that weddings are so costly.

Many couples rely on well-intentioned relatives or friends who have a video camera to record the wedding day.

Invariably, the bridal couple end up with a disappointing record of their special day and ask us to intervene and try to make a watchable film out of the footage.

Filming an important event like a wedding means you only have one chance to capture the events of the day. Once the moment has passed, that shot is gone forever, so if your amateur cameraman happens to focus on a flower girl pinching the pageboy, it may be amusing but the money shot of the bridegroom placing the ring on the bride’s finger is gone and in the past and will not happen again. Without proper direction, planning, and communication, the wedding video does not have a hope.

By all means let family and friends film your wedding but do not leave the formal wedding video to chance. We can even put together the amateur footage for you into a casual fun format if you want us to edit it for you.

Our experience means we leave no detail to chance however small and in our meetings with the bride and groom will ask all the right questions so we know exactly the style, format, and shots that are needed on the wedding video. We storyboard the day with our couples and work out the timetable for the day.

We need to know essential information so we can film to the minute:

1. Let us know the exact start time of the wedding. You do not want a video that starts after the ceremony because the time of the wedding was not stated correctly.

2. We also require the expected duration of the wedding ceremony which helps us calculate the amount of videotape we need

3. We will communicate with your wedding celebrant to get approval for camera positions in the wedding venue and arrange for him or her to be wearing a microphone to capture any speech. We will also arrange for the celebrant to give us a lead-time cue so we will know when he is ready.

Anyone can use a video camera but it takes something special to create a professional wedding video. You only get one wedding day so make sure you can look back on it with love, laughter, joy and tears of happiness and not tears of sadness!

Our special wedding video packages are only £995.00 including a five-minute film to load onto social media or keep on your phone or laptop to show plus a full feature length production with edits and special effects. We can also do reception slideshows and montages.

Wedding Video Solutions are the affordable professionals so give us a call on 01452 840565 and discuss your future moments in front of the camera.