A collection of photos for a Wedding Video MontageAn increasingly popular idea at weddings these days is to show a wedding video montage of photographs of the bride and groom through their formative years up to the day of the wedding.

What is perfect about this idea is that people that have not known you all of your life will be able to see the special life events that are meaningful to you.

Wedding video montages like this are designed to make you smile, bring a joyful tear to your eye, and provide great entertainment when a shot of the elegant sophisticated bride is shown with mud on her face after playing cowboys and Indians!

Your wedding videographer can work with you to provide a seamless wedding montage with special effects and a soundtrack or even amusing captions for the photographs and video clips featured. All you need to do is choose your photographs and leave the rest to the videographer. There are often gaps in the proceedings at weddings and a wedding video montage is the perfect way to fill a gap after the wedding breakfast or any other lull in the proceedings. Baby photos of the bride and groom plus candid childhood shots including braces, freckles, and scraped knees will endear the wedding couple to their guests. You could even have copies made on DVD to give as a wedding favour. Your wedding videographer can perform this service for you.

Not every couple getting married will avail of this option but it is definitely worth consideration. It is a lovely idea that will entertain the wedding guests and be a great keepsake to show children and grandchildren in time.

Choosing the music will be something you can enjoy together as a couple but your videographer will also have a soundtrack selection so you can leave it to them also. You can choose the music to suit your personalities and have a bit of fun with it too. It is worth thinking of choosing songs that tell your story as well.

The bride’s section is effective if the music is light and bubbly and some suggestions are:

  1. Love Me Do – The Beatles
  2. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
  3. Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison
  4. Firework – Katy Perry
  5. Somewhere over the Rainbow (Hawaii) – Israel Kamamawiwo’ile
  6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cindy Lauper

For the groom’s section, things can be rockier and humorous suggestions are:

  1. I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt – Right Said Fred
  2. Can’t Stop Partying – Weezer
  3. Walk Like a Man – The Four Seasons
  4. Lets Hear It For The Boy – Deniece Williams
  5. My Guy – Mary Wells

For the couple’s relationship section, love songs are the obvious choice but it can also include songs that are meaningful to the bride and groom. Mushy, serious or comical, the choice is up to the wedding couple but an experienced professional videographer can hit the right note (no pun intended!) with a standard selection of classics to accompany your relationship memories.

Talk to us about your wedding video montage and we can produce a charming video that everyone will enjoy on the wedding day.