Wedding Photography by Wedding Video SolutionsWell the day of love has arrived once again, a record number of couples will get engaged and married today around the world. And for those couples who are doing neither a great many may be spending their Valentine’s Day in one of the 5 other most popular ways:

1. Taking a day off together at the spa:
The entire day off spent together in a spa. His & her body massages or any of a number of treatments leave them both feeling pampered.

2. Taking a day trip to the country:
Serving your significant other breakfast in bed and then catching a train to the country for the day is seen as a romantic and private way to spend the day. Taking a picnic, and having all the free time and space to go on a country stroll and enjoy your time together in the great outdoors.

3. Spending the evening out:
With so much theatre, music and dance, but so little time to see it on an ‘everyday’, appreciation of the arts is often a priority for Valentine’s day. Alternatively couples just go to watch a film and make a night of it with dinner and drinks.

4. Spending a cosy evening in:
Turning the phones off for an evening of zero interruptions, enjoying the romance of just the two of you in the comfort of your home and each other’s arms. Showering your bedroom in rose petals, preparing a home-cooked meal, playing games and cuddling …and, if already married, watching your wedding day video again!

5. Having an “I want/you wants/we want day”:

There are always things you like doing that you want your partner to join in with. Often couples will do something each that their partner enjoys doing and follow both activities up up by doing a third that they mutually love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all.